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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your mission?

At Ascend, our goal is to fast-track your understanding of fundamental Math and Computer Science concepts. Our courses tackle the essentials in the subjects, and are designed to cover the most important ideas in those fields. We want everyone to learn Math and CS as pain-free as possible, so all of our lessons are free! Finally, we hope to foster a community of young STEM enthusiasts - feel free to post questions and comments in the discussion forums!


How are courses structured?

Each course has a different structure. For example, our Java course is mostly video-based, while our course in Python is read-only. In general, each course is divided up into modules, which cover a fundamental concept in the course. Each module will come equipped with explanations, examples, and exercises.


Should I do the Exercises?

Yes! You can only learn so much from reading or watching videos. The exercises are designed to challenge you, allowing you to apply the knowledge you've gained throughout the course to solve tricky problems. Understanding these exercises shows that you've truly mastered the material. If you get stuck, feel free to contact us or others - the forum is your best friend!


Who are you?

My name is Justin and I'm a Math and Computer Science Enthusiast. I've always loved learning material outside the normal classroom and I want to share this knowledge with other STEM enthusiasts!

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